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What Does Karinart Do?

"Karinart is a specialist at Visual Personal Branding. What is Personal Branding? Simply put … visual Personal Branding is discovering the Essence of an individual as a brand and then portraying that brand in carefully constructed photographs and graphic art. A true visual representation of an individual is dramatically more impactful that recycled words. It is unique and one of a kind.”

Personal Branding is for those seeking to properly portray their identity with a truly distinguishing look, or for professionals who will set themselves apart by letting others know who and what they really are – visually.  What Questions should you be asking yourself? Do you want viewed as simply a head or body photograph that is merely a flat reflection of what is effectively you in a mirror; no matter how well made up or dressed you are?  Or do you believe that you should have photographs and graphics that show what you and the KarinArt see as YOU … which is who you really are and what you can be as a Brand … with all that goes with a Brand?


Who is Karinart?

Karinart is Karina Ortiz. Karina is actually living the life of her dreams. She was born in Queretaro, a beautiful town in the center of Mexico. She started her life adventures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as a young woman. From there she has gone from paradise to paradise making her home in places such as Kauai and San Diego.

Karina is a highly talented artist. Her gifts include photography, graphics, painting, poetry, and songwriting. She is passionate about life. Her sense of humor speaks to her love for all that surrounds her. Including her daughter and family.

Karina’s photography captures her subject’s essence. Most particularly – in women. Her photography speaks for itself. One can see their essence. From a lens view and individual perspective that is unique to that person. And in a way that requires caring, skill, and most importantly – art.

Photo Shoot

A photo shoot with Karina is exciting, but still relaxed as it progresses. It is often full of surprises. One can literally be empowered through the lens of Karina’ camera.

Karina lives in Del Mar, California, in a wonderful home overlooking the pacific ocean. The Photo Shoots very often begin their staging at her home where she also has her studio.

Karina believes that what she does is “Not just a photo shoot, but a life changing experience." People often strive to become WHO they see in their images following a shoot.


Karinart follows the same disciplined process as an professional marketing firm that is developing and executing a Brand. But with a dramatic qualification. With Karinart genuine artistic capabilities are present in the execution. Effectively left side thinking brain and right side thinking brain acting together.

Please look closely at Karina’s work, and importantly look at how you are now branding yourself in contrast to what Karina can do.