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Triangle of life .. where memories are born

I drifted away again TODAY ...  I found myself  in my PAST .... when I catch myself there I try to make room for  my PRESENT ... the NOW does not stay that long , goes away  real quick sometimes , making room for my FUTURE.

I see myself stuck in between that triangle , wondering which way to go, I stomp my feet like a little girl and sit right there in the center of it all.  Looking at that triangle , I want to stay in the PAST so bad because has all my memories right there , the smells , the songs , the laughs , the tears , the loved ones who are gone and the broken hearts I once had ..

I  close my eyes, I breath in and I feel my Present softly walking in. I am a little nervous, after all ,  My PRESENT  is someone I have not spend much time with. I hope TODAY , my present gets to stay a while. Breath in and out.. I want TODAY to be my NOW  and choose to be aware of it longer to enjoy the smells right now, to see the blue sky right now , to hear the song and sing along so I can remember it tomorrow  and specially  hug the ones I love TODAY  .. as tomorrow might not even be a choice in this triangle of life ..where memories are born , where they rest and where they are created .. photography is that to me.

Triangle of life .. where memories are born



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