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Branding Yourself

Why branding is so important these days , photos are fairly easy to get, and can send a huge variety of messages. They are emotional, because photos can impact us immediately with real world stories and feelings. And when done right they are timeless, reflecting human truths that don’t change with the season. Even a head shot can be unique…

New Title

Be what you DO

Are you women ready for a powerful year and start getting ready for a wonderful new chapter in 2016 ?? CELEBREATE your life and what you do , a session will instantly bring the motivation to take you to that other level , visual branding goes hand in hand , use YOU as a business card , Love card, smile…

Triangle of life .. where memories are born

Triangle of life .. where memories are born

I drifted away again TODAY …  I found myself  in my PAST …. when I catch myself there I try to make room for  my PRESENT … the NOW does not stay that long , goes away  real quick sometimes , making room for my FUTURE. I see myself stuck in between that triangle , wondering which way to go, I stomp my feet like a…