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I wrote this blog while I was living in the beautiful island of Kauai. How I got there ? long story , but before we moved I had never been there , so,  we decided to move so quick , almost no time to think about it , and one day I found myself and my little family  in a long plane ride  to Paradise.


We got there at night time , and It was dark , I mean DARK  and raining super hard , (I was to learn later  that dark nights and rain were norm for the island) we drove for another hour in this tiny little narrow road that wiggles along the ocean ,the only time I could really see ahead was when a thunder was illuminating the way I also could hear its powerful noise heating the ground somewhere close by .... we finally got to the house (which would be our home for the next few years) and in the dark, tired and not knowing exactly where we were we all collapsed in bed to the sound of rain and geckos .

I was awaken by a rooster singing happily by my window , the sun was coming in strong and bright , so I jumped out of bed and ran out the door to be AMAZED by the beauty I was witnessing !! the ocean at the distance and the green palms dancing to the soft breeze which smell like gardenias ... birds singing, colorful roosters and the most amazing rainbow sitting right there so clear,  I could almost grab it ... I remember the feeling of wonder and deep gratitude !!!

It was not long when I discovered that paradise is found within us , I found a little paradise out of my comfort zone ... what seems hard to adjust into at times  turns into paradise, but most important is  to discover our own paradise which is our passions inside ........ our beauty is inside , and the fact that we bring ourselves to every where we go ... wisdom at the end is to find that rainbow inside of us ! Kauai was magic for me and my creativity .. I am grateful every day to have lived that experience!!!! BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE EVERY MINUTE OF IT !!

Here is a poem I wrote then ...

Everybody tells me

how lucky I am
to live in an island
they call PARADISE ..
I look out my window
and , what do I see ?
A rainbow, two rainbows,
sometimes even three !!

The rainfall is warm
the sunshine is out
the beaches are long
and covered with sand

I see at the distance
with tears in my eyes
the beautiful ocean
as deep as my heart

The waterfalls splashing
next to my Kayak
the birds flying low
I could even touch !
fishes on the surface
biting on my toes...

Is this paradise? is this all I want?
am I the luckiest ? am I the one?
Is my life so fortunate, is my life so bright?

I 'll go get my canvas
and paint for a while
I'll take my brushes,
I'll take my SOUL
and with all my colors
create my own world ...

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