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Photo Sessions Packages

Branding Session


  • ALL DAY 6+ Hours, no session fee!

  • 70 full edited high resolution pictures

  • 6 months SOCIAL MEDIA support creating "teasers" branding yourself

  • UNLIMITED wardrobe changes

  • REASONABLE Props (I won't bring a piano to the beach ... haaa)

  • In Studio session

  • Lunch (if staying with me during break)

  • Make up and hair (by me) but If you decide to use your own make up artist, will refund $50 back your way!  (I can also arrange a make up artist for you)

  • You can include at end of session a loved one, pet, child, mother, son .... You get the idea.

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  • This session is perfect for the woman who wants great pictures  for her personal social media profile, Personal matching profile, family occasions, or just a way to re-encounter the power within...  if you're still not sure that you need a full on Branding session, this is a great way to start defining what you want to transmit if you are just starting your business, blog etc...

  • 3-4 hours on 3 locations (LIMITED distance to North County/Del Mar area)

  • LIMITED wardrobe changes

  • Limited props

  • Half an hour studio time

  • 4 free digital images

  • 40 pictures full edited $700
    20 pictures full edited $400
    10 pictures full edited $300
    5  pictures full edited $160

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  • This is a session that will be tailored to your specifics needs at the time, one that has nothing to do with branding or your business but rather you want to capture your lifestyle for personal reasons, this is a session is perfect for Xmas cards, Valentines, Prom, trash the dress etc.

  • Limited to two hours in one location or my house/studio with 2 changes of clothes and you can include your family, friends, at any time during session.

  • 2 free digital images with session

  • 40 pictures full edited $700
    20 pictures full edited $400
    10 pictures full edited $300
    5  pictures full edited $160

  • You can also buy a la carte @ $35 each digital high resolution

Book A Session

My three approaches include a personal call to plan and visualize your session.  Branding session and mini session both include my famous Surprise folder with extra images  delivered a week after  any of the packages are purchased.

More On Branding Session:  This session is perfect for women entrepreneurs who are active in social media interaction, who blog every day, post daily and have a website that is always changing!  You will be sharing your vision, your lifestyle and you will become the possibility and the promised experience through the mini story each pictures will tell.  At this level I require a $250 deposit to save the date that will be applied to the total cost.  I offer a payment plan as well ,for the balance. (2 Payments of 500) first payment due  day of session

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding my approach or your upcoming photo session, I will be happy to answer all of your questions but before you write to me, check out these six most frequently asked questions to see if your question is one of them. If not, feel free to write to me or call me.

What should I wear?

We will have time to talk about this during our call.  It will be very important during the session to have the specific outfits and looks for each location or vision! I will guide and help you decide what is best for your specific session.

I have specific poses in mind

It's wonderful if you have specific ideas on what you want and poses you feel great.  I usually exchange ideas back and forth before during the session, the fun starts there.

What if it rains?

Well if it happens to be raining, I will have to postpone your session to a better day at NO charge, my camera does not like water!! :)


For the Branding Session level I require a $250 deposit to save the date that will be applied to the total cost.  I offer a payment plan as well, for the $1000 balance. (2 Payments of 500) first payment due day of session. For the Mini and Personal session I require a $50 deposit once date is set. Deposit is only refundable if session is cancelled within 48 hours from original set date.

Can I bring a friend ?

You can only bring a loved one if you chose the full Branding Session. Then if you did, they will come either at the Beginning or End of your session, BUT I don't allow them to stay through out the session as I will be concentrating on YOU.. I also don't allow to take pictures with your cell phone at any time during session. But at the end I love taking selfies with my clients!

What is my travel cost ?

I don't apply travel cost in any of my sessions if we stay in the places and areas I mention in each packet. But when I do travel outside my areas then the travel cost will be discussed and agreed on accordingly to each individual circumstance, but hey!!  I LOVE going places!!